Paranormal Pin Pals

Paranormal Pin Pals

Need some mini monsters to deck out your gear? Grab a paranormal pin pal to show off your favorite monsters.

Each pin is soft enamel and currently comes in eight designs: Mothman, Fresno Nightcrawler (glows in the dark), the SC Lizard man, the CT Black Shuck, the Flatwoods Monster, Bigfoot, the Jersey Devil, and a Jackolope.

  • SC lizard man
    10 available 100%
  • Flatwoods Monster
    11 available 100%
  • CT Black Shuck
    24 available 80%
  • Bigfoot
    Sold out
  • Jersey Devil
    12 available 40%
  • Jackalope
    Sold out
  • Fresno Nightcrawler
    28 available 93%
  • Mothman
    30 available 100%