Graveyard Pins

Graveyard Pins

Need to show off your interest in death symbolism? We've got your back. These wooden pins are 2 inches tall and great for showcasing your graveyard aesthetic in wood. They have 2 butterfly clutch posts on the back, making them super secure!

They come in five different styles, showcasing five different symbols.

Lily- Prominent in cemeteries as a stand in for innocent and purity. The most popular lily is the Easter lily, which represents resurrection and the innocence of the soul, but you will find Calla. lilly of the valley, the fleur de lis, and daffodil hiding in the green.

Wreath- Usual associated with distinction. Depending on the type of wreath it can indicate a symbol of victory, memory, passing to an eternal life.

Torches- Inverted torches represent the extinguished light of life. If you chose to wear the pin as an upright torch, it represents the bright flame of life!

Urn- The urn is a popular symbol of mourning- often draped with a cloth, wreath or garland.

Death's Head- a nonreligious symbol that has been in gravestone iconography for centuries.

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  • Lily
    7 available 100%
  • Wreath
    7 available 100%
  • Torches
    7 available 100%
  • Urn
    7 available 100%
  • Death's Head
    6 available 86%